Oh man I’m exhausted! I’ve been doing nothing but studying for the past week and especially the last two days are a blur. 

But hey, today’s exam was on Shakespeare and I think I nailed it! *happy dance*

One more exam to go now, fucking finally!!

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Maddalena Penitente (detail), 1809, A. Canova

If you think I am an eyesore -a laughing stock -the devil incarnate -a stony-hearted villain or a blinking idiot,
you are quoting Shakespeare

"Quoting Shakespeare"
Artist: Sylvia Plath

Song: Lady Lazarus
Plays: 8,231



Sylvia Plath reads “Lady Lazarus”

You guys have to put her poems on your iPods and listen to them on the daily.. so cool to hear the actual poet read their work. Loves it


story of my life

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… No matter how much one reads, the whole story can never be told.

Lemony Snicket, The End (via durianquotes)

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Enchanting Forests In The World